You can never satisfy a woman who loves Hublot replica watches

Luxury Hublot Replica Watches
Luxury Hublot Replica Watches

Luxury Hublot Replica Watches

Compared to the male table, these two years I am more inclined to pay attention to women’s watch. Last year, Blancpain’s Ladybird; Bulgari’s new Serpenti and even Breguet Tradition series of new women’s watch, all the appearance of soft, won my heart.

Why should I win my heart, the moment a lot of women are more like to wear a large table; male table, and feel that more personality, more powerful. As a bystander, I always feel so little meaning, like you see a thin woman wearing a pair of shoes do not fit, awkward. Since it is a female watch, of course, to show the beauty of women. Imagine a hair elegant, looks soft girl, wearing a beautiful watch, people beautiful table, complement each other.

Nearly two years of public figures, can always see a large number of feminist articles, it is strange that in this very few people at the bottom of the rural women, low-income women, and even engage in the industry should not be respected women Sound. And often the most vivid crowd is a highly educated urban women, white-collar, young single women. These people have long been fighting for this society for women should have equal rights, including survival, education, work and so on. And now they are too radical for the banner of women’s power, but also hope that over the men above. Respected the strength of the individual, respected do not need men, and even some more discriminatory men, in the stigma of the “feminist” chicken soup under the influence of this ideological change and even the appearance of the original feminine aesthetic standards Are neutral and even masculine.

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And on the watch is “these men watch women wear better look” “women can play big table” and so on, such as pear steamed food. I have read a watch collector talked about wearing a large table of the article, which itself is a psychiatrist, he from the psychological point of view why some people to pursue the match does not match the big table behavior? Because the man is hoping to be more powerful, on the contrary, women are big desire (all kinds of desire) and not satisfied. So, see the big table of the woman or avoid the good of the good.

So the curve of the United States women, only need a soft watch to match.

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Bublot and its brand ambassador; international visual artist Chen Man’s cooperation form. Baselworld this year I did not go, missed some wonderful watches, but I still feel that this table should be the most beautiful this year, a female watch. Fritillaria, stainless steel, white synthetic resin and light loose green rubber strap, the integration of just right.

Women’s watch with Fritillaria dial is not uncommon, but on the dial above the time scale is its unique place. 3, 6 pm, 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock position of the time scale, were engraved with shy buds, in full bloom corolla, fluttering peach leaves and full of fruit. Pink agile peaches, in the shallow green circle and mica dial against the background is particularly charming, just like a little bit of beauty eyebrow mole mole.

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And in the back of the four words Proverbs “Kim Jue Yu” for Chen Man message, from the idiom “Jinzhiyu Ye”, the flowers and leaves of the moment is beautiful, placed in the long time in the romantic lay out. “Jinzhi Yu”, you understand my mind, silent environment, can be described as the highest state of love, all in the words.

Holding this watch in the hands of static look clockwise rotation, record a peach life cycle. Buddha said: a flower a world, a tree a Bodhi If the heart is clean, a flower can be seen in the whole world of grass, a person’s mind can also be satisfied. This may also be Yu Yu would like to elaborate the “integration” of the true meaning of it.

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