Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Capri 2020

Hublot Replica has always used chronographs from the Classic Fusion series for these island tributes. Likewise, it always maintains the same primary chromaticity for each island.

According to the logic of a given theme, the color is always blue, but its hue will be different. For Capri, it is a strong blue-green color, and Fake Hublot has classified it very objectively through its Pantone code 549C, and always combines it with white and/or black elements.

Regardless of size or geometry, the Replica Capri chronographs of the past two years are the same. They also coincide with the ceramics used in the bezel and the 45 mm diameter case. The difference is that if the 2019 edition combines the case, bezel and dial blue with white subdial and strap, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Capri 2020 will become black.

Like the previous edition, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Capri 2020 Replica Watch is limited to 30 pieces. The same decoration is retained on the sapphire crystal at the bottom of the case, imitating the famous “Faraglioni” rock, which is a symbol of the Italian island.

Replica Hublot Big Bang Unico 45 Sky Blue

For Hublot Replica, the summer of 2020 is already a colorful period. In the past few months, Big Bang GMT and “Millennial Pink” Big Bang chronographs have adopted an all-black interpretation, and in its latest version, the brand has combined this soft pink titanium with summer The light blue ceramic complements each other.

Since the launch of colored ceramics in 2019, colored ceramics has always been one of Hublot’s most outstanding innovations. The Fake Big Bang Unico 45 sky blue fully reflects the brand’s functions.

Of course, with a width of 45 mm and a thickness of 16.3 mm, there is almost nothing that can really make the heavy Hublot Big Bang Replica feel refined or refined. Hublot uses a polished blue ceramic back cover to complete the design of the watch case, and has a reasonable sporty 100-meter water resistance.

Not only does it have a flyback function, but the coveted combination of column wheel and dual clutch system can be seen through the hollow dial, which makes chronograph fans dream of it. HUB1242 Unico’s performance is equally impressive, with a strong 72-hour power reserve and a beat rate of 28,800 bph.

Hublot Replica colorful case trend shows no signs of slowing down. The Big Bang Unico 45 sky blue is one of the brand’s lightest and most interesting concepts to date.

Hublot Replica Introduces A Wild New Big Bang Chronograph

No matter what, Millennial Pink with gender differences still has a moment, and finally, it comes to the watch industry, so who can be bolder than Hublot Replica or have enough cross-border swing in the field of fashion and lifestyle luxury, instead of Can Hublot do it? Pull it down?

If it were not for the bubble gum pink phone and the bright pink strap, the smooth case itself could easily be mistaken for a derivative product from the salmon dial boom last year, or more simply brushed rose gold. But this Hublot Replica Watch is not made of precious metals, but made of ultra-light titanium metal, with excellent subversive distortion. Of course, it may not be for you, but it is undeniable that its appearance is still cool.

Through the dial and the bottom cover of the exhibition, you can see the HUB1280 produced inside Fake Hublot, which is a column wheel chronograph with a flyback function.

This Fake Swiss Watch has a pair of straps that can be easily replaced at the touch of a button: sporty nylon and Velcro braided sport webbing, and a rubber strap with titanium expander-both of which present the same pink tone Ambiguity.