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Luxury Hublot Replica Watches
Luxury Hublot Replica Watches

Luxury Hublot Replica Watches

“You Sean Bolt Only Watch watch is committed to the Monaco Muscular Dystrophy Prevention Association (Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy) fundraising, the degree of co-brand ambassador Bolt, with its unparalleled explosive power for the call, we hope to encourage More muscular dystrophy patients regain confidence in life, “said Ricardo Guadalupe, chief executive of Yuhua Tablet.

“Muscle power is the source of my glory, it has made the title of ‘the world’s first trapeze’, helped me create a lot of world records. This time, I am very pleased to be able to support Only Watch charity, neuromuscular disease in the field of medicine Research to do something. “Olympic three consecutive championships, HUBLOT Yu-ship brand ambassador Usern Bolt (Usain Bolt) said.

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Since 2005, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Yu continued to help ONLY WATCH philanthropy, for suffering from degenerative neuromuscular disease – Qiu Xin’s muscle dystrophy (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) tortured children lit hearts Light, and vowed through the tireless scientific research, and ultimately overcome and cure this ills. Do not forget the beginning of the heart, always in the end, uphold the courage and determination of longing for victory, who else than “the world’s fastest man,” Yousse Bonner, more suitable for this ‘movement’ sound?

This year, Yu ship table launched a new Only Watch with extremely hard sapphire material, to create a unique all-transparent watch masterpiece. The reason why the use of the production of such a high degree of sapphire, Yu-ship table hope that through the material declaration, high watch the field breakthrough limit, fearless innovation banner, a symbol of hope and victory of the unique watch came into being! New Big Bang Unico Sapphire Yusaien Bolt Only Watch watch to “the world’s first trapeze” favorite watch shape for the inspiration, the whole body of gold, highlighting the Jamaican sprinters athlete’s toughness and spirit, Firm will in the wrist shine.

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“You spend your time for your roses, which makes your roses become so important.” The phrase “little prince” explains the true meaning of love, and charity is the only way to be successful. Out of the firm support for the Monaco muscle atrophy prevention association’s determination, Yu-ship table will be specially arranged Bolt personally and had the honor to shoot this solitary watch collectors meet and thanks.

With a 45mm dial Big Bang Unico sapphire Yusaien Bolt Only Watch watch, clever use of green and gold and with a transparent strap, a symbol of healing the spirit of healing. During the auction, the watch will also be equipped with a Jamaican flag elements of the golden leather strap, representing the return of Bolt’s homeland of love. 9 o’clock position of the window printed with “Light Bolt” silhouette, to reproduce the iconic action of Bolt. Hollow dial to 3N 18K gold to create. In addition, a PUat T-shirt with a Bolt autographed will be presented with the auction.

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Technical Parameters

Serial number: 411.JX.4089RT.OWM17 limited collection of a
Diameter: 45mm
Thickness: 16.30 mm
Waterproof depth: 10 standard atmospheric pressure (about 100 meters underwater)
Case: polished sapphire
Bezel: polished sapphire
H-type screws: polished 18K gold
Table mirror: sapphire mirror anti-reflective coating
Crown: satin brushed handle 18K gold and engraved with Hublot logo
Pushers, satin brushed handle 18K gold
Table back: polished sapphire, engraved “UNIQUE PIECE”
Sapphire mirror anti-reflective coating, decorated with “OWM17” words
Dial: Micro-blasting gold-plated hollow dial, satin brushed handle gold-plated decals
Covered with black luminous coating
Pointer: satin brushed handle plated gold pointer covered with black luminous coating
Yuseern Bolt special second hand
Movement: Yu ship table MHUB1242 movement
Self – made UNICO automatic winding column wheel return chronograph movement
Date: 3 o’clock window
Number of parts: 330 (38 gemstones)
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour)
Power reserve: about 72 hours
Strap: Striped transparent strap
The second strap: gold bright red calfskin lining black natural rubber embossed teeth to buy the flag pattern
Clasp: Titanium and gold folding clasp

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