The Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Repeater Ceramic

Hublot has followed up with a “high complication” in ceramic, the Cheap Big Bang Integral Cathedral Minute Repeater Ceramic Replica. The Big Bang Integral is novel for combining both a tourbillon and repeater, one with longer-than-usual cathedral gongs in fact.

And it manages to be water resistant in contrast to most striking watches that are merely moisture-proof, due to the challenge of sealing the slide while allowing maximum sound transmission.

It’s powered by a complex, Hublot Replica Watch in-house movement contained matched with a case and bracelet that showcases the brand’s proficiency with unusual materials – all of which is possible thanks to the brand’s expansive yet agile manufacture.

In typical Hublot fashion, the watch is loud – visually rather than acoustically – even in black. It looks like a Hublot, and the brand has essentially only one aesthetic. It has a technical, modern aesthetic that goes well with the open dial, a feature that’s uncommon in minute repeaters but useful since it reveals the entirety of the strikework.

The Best Hublot Replica Site Tourbillon Repeater is the flagship model of the Big Bang Integral line, which was the brand’s first-ever integrated-bracelet watch but one that arrived only two years ago. Though recent, the watch still feels familiar thanks to a well designed bracelet that flows into the case.

Here it serves to reveal the chiming mechanism that is usually hidden under a dial, providing a look at the racks and snails responsible for facilitating the chiming of the repeater.

The tourbillon isn’t obstructed by any gears of the going train, as is often the case with tourbillon movements. Instead the Hublot Replica Swiss Movement centre wheel sits just past the rim of the tourbillon cage. This shows the attention paid to the aesthetics of the tourbillon, though it’s let down by a relatively simple cage.

The decoration of the movement can be observed to be a mix of machine and hand finishing.

Most of the bridges, for instance, sport wide, flat bevels with faint machining marks, indicating the anglage was done in a CNC machine. At the same time, the Hublot Swiss Replica decoration of the more crucial components such the hammers and bridge for the governor have rounded, polished bevelling that can only be executed by hand.

And over on the front, the visible steel parts are neatly finished with straight grained surfaces and hand-applied bevelling.

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