Hublot Big Bang Integrated Ceramic Watches In Four Colors

Hublot probably released the most spirited and prolific number of high-end colorful watches, including various rainbow models and a purple aluminum Hublot Big Bang Replica. These four colorful limited-edition ceramic Big Bang Integrated watches are perfect examples of not just highly colorful timepieces, but ones that you can really see wearing on a regular basis.

The story here begins a few years ago, in 2020, when Hublot originally debuted the Big Bang Integral, which combined a 42mm-wide version of the Big Bang UNICO with a fully integrated bracelet. This started with metal but quickly included ceramic when, in 2021, Hublot debuted the Big Bang Integral Ceramic. The current releases are mostly just new ceramic colors, but they are particularly handsome and very fun.

We also see a move away from the “Best Hublot Big Bang Integral Replica Site” name to the “Hublot Big Bang Integrated” title for this collection. The new colors for the watch include two more blues: a new light sky blue and a darker indigo blue. The other two new colors are jungle green and sand beige. Each of these tones is not only quite hip right now, but actually very well-suited to being matched with a host of fashion style choices and complementary colors.

The 42mm-wide size is a great size for a Big Bang — a bit under the more common 45mm-wide size of most of the larger Big Bang UNICO watches. The Hublot Replica Swiss Movement case is adapted a bit in order to work with an integrated bracelet and is produced from mostly ceramic with titanium parts, such as screws and some of the more delicate structures like the lugs and the pushers. The ceramic material will, of course, be highly scratch resistant, and the colors will never fade over time. The Big Bang Integrated Ceramic case is water resistant to 100 meters and has a sapphire crystal over the dial and caseback.

Aside from the integrated bracelet, there is little about this version of the Big Bang that makes it materially different from the rest of the larger Big Bang UNICO family. Accordingly, these watches each contain in-house Hublot Swiss Replica caliber HUB1280 UNICO automatic chronograph movements. These operate at 4Hz with 72 hours of power reserve and include the time, date, and 60-minute flyback chronograph complication. In addition to being able to view the movement through the rear of the watch, much of the exposed dial is dedicated to a view of the movement including the date wheel and column transmission system for the chronograph.

Of course, it is not challenging to come to this conclusion when viewing images of the Big Bang Integrated Ceramic, but in terms of the weight of the Hublot Replica Watches For Sale and how the material feels, there is very little comparison to plastic, given the many benefits of zirconium dioxide ceramic.

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