Exact Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow Replica Watches

The most luxurious replica watch so far in 2021 is provided by Hublot-Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow.

Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow combines Hublot’s iconic porthole surface with the one-piece bracelet launched last year, almost every surface is inlaid with colored gemstones. Tickling inside is the internal movement with tourbillon and transparent sapphire bridge.

The Exact Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Rainbow replica watch is a lot, maybe too much, but it is also a wonderful example of gem setting — proven in the form of a 36-carat gem — with a very interesting movement.

The sides of the case and bracelet are exposed, just mirror-polished gold, which can be matched with a row of iridescent gems.

The new tourbillon is a variant of Big Bang Integral 1:1 replica watches, which is a chronograph with an integrated bracelet introduced last year.

In terms of size, the tourbillon is almost the same as the chronograph, 43 mm wide and 13.75 mm high. Although it is a fairly compact package according to Hublot Swiss replica watches standards, it stands out on the wrist.

The dial, bezel, case and bracelet weigh approximately 36 carats. The gems include red rubies, ultraviolet amethyst, blue topaz, green tsavorite, and yellow, orange and pink sapphires.

According to Expensive Hublot replica watch, the setting of gemstones for each watch takes approximately 1,200 hours, including gem selection, cutting and setting.

The structure of the transparent movement looks like it is floating, fixed by three transparent sapphire bridges-the bottom plate and the bridge for the tourbillon and routing.

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