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Do not be late, straight into the topic. In fact the watch industry almost every day to launch a new table. But in
these new tables, there are a lot of watches even I think it is not worth a buy, the domestic bezel Crouching Tiger, if
these watches out to write, I think this is also the people who read the article Responsible (people should call me).
So, in the days of not writing a new table, I would like to share with you some of my watch industry, see, encountered
some interesting things and stories.

replica watches China
replica watches China

Some time ago, I saw some interesting data. These data record Luxury Replica Watches the year-on-year changes in luxury watch prices and the
worldwide inflation (in US dollars) over the past 50 years. With these data, I would like to share with you an
interesting question, why the price of luxury watches is getting higher and higher? The world’s people every year’s
income can buy the number of watches? Did the figure increase or decrease compared to the past?

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I know that almost all men who like watches, often on the car is also full of interest, so we first give a car example.
In 1984, the price of a Ford Mustang was $ 7088, which would amount to $ 16,444 if the purchasing power of $ 7088 in
1984 was now available. And now the price Swiss Replica Watches of a Ford Mustang is $ 32,000. So we can see that the current wild horse
price is 2 times the 1984 Mustang, and more interesting is that now the price of the Mustang is V6, and the past
Mustang is V8. Less two tanks, but the price becomes 2 times. Everyone knows the muscle condition and so, we look at the following look in the watch what will happen.

Luxury Replica Watches
Luxury Replica Watches

Replica Watches China

Similarly, we look at a few data. 1957 Rolex first generation of waterless ghost was born, this watch in 1957 sales
price of only $ 150. Then, the price of Rolex’s waterless ghosts rose from 1957 to now (I said a few price nodes), the
price was $ 1,000 in 1980, $ 2,000 in 1992, $ 3,000 in 2000, $ 5,000 in 2008 , In 2010 came to 6000 US dollars, 2014 is
7,500 US dollars. The price is getting higher and higher, some friends will certainly say that the current inflation
situation. So, let’s take a look at inflation Replica Watches China from 1957 to 2014. In 1957 the price of the water devil was $ 150, which
$ 150 to 2014 was equivalent to $ 1265. The price of the Waterless Ghost in 2014 is $ 7,500, which is six times for
this $ 1265. That is, the price of the water ghost turned six times.

Luxury Replica Watches
Luxury Replica Watches

Rolex has experienced a price increase curve (black) from 1957 to 2014, and a currency inflation curve since 1957.

After the water ghost, I would also like to share with you another group of data I see, is about the steel plate
Dietong. I still come up with some price node to see. Rolex Daytona was introduced in 1964, the price reached $ 2,000
in 1988, reached $ 4,000 in 1992, $ 8,000 in 2006 and $ 11250 in 2012. The price is all the way up. The same price of
11250 US dollars in 2012, is the purchase price of steel prices in 1973 6 times.

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There is also a very interesting statistics. That is, in the past 50 years, the American people’s annual income
(average income) can buy a few water ghosts, but also can buy a few steel di (because the statistics are Americans do,
not suitable for our domestic situation, only For reference, the number of me rounded to take the integer). The first
is the waterless ghosts. In 1957, the average annual income Buy Replica Watches of the American people can buy 11 water ghosts, from 1970
to 75 can buy 14, to 1992 can buy 10, 2008 to 2012 are basically 6 to 7. In the steel sector Di pass, in 1964 can buy
10, in 1988 can buy 7, 2000 can buy 5, to 2008 and later, the basic can buy 4.

Luxury Replica Watches
Luxury Replica Watches