Just Rolex Replica Watches

When I just became interested into replica watches and still living at home with my parents, somewhere in the 1990’s, I used to buy these German watch magazines. Since I was living close to the border (walking distance basically), I bought them just across the border at this newsstand where they had a couple of them. Uhren Magazine, Armband Uhren and Chronos, they all still exist and today I am proud that Fratello replica watches is part of the same publishing house as Chronos and Uhren Magazine. Anyway, every time I flipped open these magazines, a double page advertisement showed up from Rolex replica, most of the time about the Rolex replica 1 timepiece.

As I repeated the same procedure of buying and reading these magazines for years, even when I moved to The Hague, the other end of The Netherlands (yes, that is about 200 kilometers). Whenever I was visiting my parents, I stopped over at the kiosk in Germany to see if they had the latest German watch magazines. And every time that Rolex replica advertisement locked me right in.
Fast-forward about 10 years. Graduated and working in the financial industry for a couple of years, I was looking for a new timepiece to add to my modest collection. Not exactly with a small budget but certainly also not with an unlimited budget, I was aiming for something more “haute horlogerie” than I usually did. I found out that a reputable dealer in the city where I worked had a pre-owned Rolex replica watch, in yellow gold. I believe their price for this pre-owned watch was around €17.000 or €18.000 Euro at the time. So I went there, had a look and tried it on. The size of 38,5mm was something smaller than I was used to, but the timepiece was classic enough and my wrist modestly sized enough to make me feel comfortable with it.

As I tried it on, I panicked a bit though. Is this the watch I really want, this kind of budget allowed me to pick about any watch I really fancied at the moment (and pretty much still does). The fact that it was yellow gold and not white or rose gold as well as the classic look & feel of the watch made me decide to hold off and not to pursue this purchase. I went for something different instead (a new 39mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph) as I felt I was a bit too young for a Rolex replica 1 and needed something sportier.

Again a couple of years forward – and the Royal Oak Chrono was already sold to fund another watch – in the here and now, I noticed that I am warming up again for an Rolex replica. I’ve been to the SIHH a couple of times and Rolex replica happens to invite my colleagues and myself regularly to one of their events or introductions. That doesn’t help to forget about the Rolex replica 1 either of course. Every time I am confronted with that Rolex replica 1, I feel that it might be the exit-watch (non-existent principle) for me, or perhaps just the ultimate dress watch to own at some point. I also looked at alternatives of course, like a Patek Philippe Calatrava (too small and classic) as there are more classic looking pieces around in this price category.
To be honest, the new caliber is the biggest change. After 20 years (the Rolex replica 1 celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, click here for our coverage on that event) you could say it was about time for them to make some changes, on the other hand it shows how pretty darn good the design is (also based on its popularity). Rolex replica did introduce some bigger versions of the Rolex replica watches 1: the Grand Rolex replica 1, with a whopping 40.1mm case but always kept the 38,5mm version in their collection.

So, the new caliber is the biggest change to the 38,5mm Rolex replica 1 timepiece, caliber L121.1. If you take a look at at the balance-wheel part, you will see that it has a free sprung balance. The balance wheel has no adjustment screws on the outside of the rim, but six weight screws on top of it. Furthermore, this Rolex replica L121.1 movement has instantaneous date change at midnight. The movement has a power reserve of 72 hours. As said, but I didn’t notice it at first, the watch appears to be a bit larger than its predecessor Rolex replica 1 references, due to the slimmer bezel on this watch.