Rolex Replica Brand History

The story of Rolex Replica, more or less family story, Wells. To become a status symbol, Rolex Replica is theinnovation of synonyms. This is a performance, as we know, Hans-WILSDORF is not thefounder Hans, nor a watchmaker, and began his occupation career, imported Swiss talent on the existing conditions!

After 3 years of business, “Hans-WILSDORF & Davies, the Rolex Replica watch company registeredin London in 1908. Why Rolex? One story says, “from the compound word clock Exquise,exquisite watches. From the beginning, the brand of professional luxury watches, asked thefaithful mobile provider, aegler, small caliber is the standard in a pocket watch.

In 1910, Wells asked the Swiss chronograph community that it moves. It is found that the way, watch can be as accurate as the pocket watch, when the precision is an advantage. The legend of the Royal Observatory certification by 1914. The same year, Rolex Replica moved its headquarters to Geneva, in order to avoid a 33% import tax in the uk.

Miniaturization and precision, Rolex Replica had third major challenges: the dust and waterproofwatches. A highly innovative baffle was invented but, still, the mass market to identify missing.What is called 25 years later, “public relations”: let the world know that his watch is waterproof, Hans Hans-WILSDORF embedded into their own point of sale in the aquariumdisplay. From now on, 1927 people know, Rolex Replica. The company goes a step further, when a British athletes, young Mercedes gleitze, over her wrist oyster channel. This is the birth of the concept of the ambassador, many patents: the first waterproof watch; the first watch dial andthe date of the first watch display; two time zones one, etc..